30 April 2009

How Wonderful Life Would Be...

semenjak dua menjak ni ak slalu bermimpikan dia...

• Pebenda P1 W1MAX nih?

P1 W1MAX is the leading wireless Internet broadband service with a range of up to 50 km (30 miles). P1 is one of the pioneers in the world to launch WiMAX services on the 2.3 GHz band, and the FIRST in Malaysia, to bring WiMAX to your doorstep!

• Nape perlu gune servis P1 W1MAX??

You will be among the 1st WiMAX subscribers in Malaysia as P1 is the first to launch the technology in Malaysia. P1 will ensure you get the best support to save you time and money. With P1 W1MAX, you will enjoy wireless and high speed Internet access without any messy cables and wires. You won’t need to worry about finding a hotspot anymore as P1 W1MAX provides greater coverage than WiFi, blanketing entire areas with P1 W1MAX coverage and services. With P1 W1MAX you can enjoy better quality of service, without interruptions. Your Internet experience will be seamless.

nak tau byk lg??? klik sini
picit LIKE kalau suka ^___^


  1. tulah...best nyer kalo ade org nk sponser kat ak..ngeh3

  2. Aku ada pakai benda alah ni, tapi kawasan aku tak de coverage lagi.. adooo

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  3. sempurnahealth
    ....owh,yeke?? ko dok area mane?


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